Real life update: off duty this week

For those of you who read my posts here regularly, you may have noticed that the content has been really light the last week or so. I've been packing all my stuff up in Seattle and am now on my way down to LA on a road trip with some friends.

We're in San Francisco now, and I'll be busy with them in LA through the week, then probably quite busy with getting settled into school and (hopefully) meeting many of the people I've made plans with, so I probably won't be quite as on top of the blog as I'd like for the next few weeks. Once things have fallen back into a little more of a routine I should be back to posting regularly.

And hey, if you're in LA and would like to meet to talk transportation, urban planning, whatever, send an email my way and let's set something up! I'm looking forward to getting to know the area and its sustainable transportation advocates!