LA Man Wants Cheaper Parking, Economics Be Damned

The Los Angeles Daily News has an article profiling the guy who helped shut down red light cameras in LA, and apparently his next target is parking meters. He's got some valid complaints, like how the parking duration is sometimes insufficient for any adjacent uses, but otherwise he doesn't seem to have any coherent plan other than an Eyman-esque "I don't like paying for parking and so I'm going to appeal to people's greed to force the rates lower."

This choice quote from a local sums up the type of person he's appealing to:

“I think it’s extortion,” said DiPadova, 34, of Hollywood, who supports radical parking meter reform. “It’s an unjust tax. It’s one that, because people don’t get involved in local politics, local lawmakers see it as an additional revenue stream. 
“It’s a travesty,” he added. “In a city where you’re forced to drive, there’s no reason you should be punished for small mistakes.”

Putting aside the total fallacy that you can't get around in LA without driving and that paying less than you would at a private garage is a "tax," if this guy's successful a lot of neighborhoods are going to end up in the toilet. Sorry, I know parking meters aren't fun to deal with, but they serve a purpose beyond revenue—if you undercharge for parking there's never any available, which means no one wants to visit your neighborhood. And that revenue can play a major role in making your city a more pleasant place to be (Old Pasadena's success as a neighborhood was largely attributed to parking reform). If you don't like it you can use private parking garages; cities have no obligation to provide public space so you can store your car at a discount.