Map: The Least Car-Dependent Neighborhoods in Oregon

Here's the car-free commute map for Oregon. This shows the percentage of residents in each census tract who get to work on foot, bike, or transit -- anything that doesn't involve a car.

As I create more of these, it's becoming clear that for states like Oregon, "a map of the least car-dependent neighborhoods in Oregon" has about the same meaning as "a map of the least car-dependent neighborhoods in Portland."

As I wrote yesterday, I'll be creating a map for each state and uploading census tract boundary files so that others who are interested can make their own maps showing whatever they'd like. If you'd like your state's map up earlier rather than later, just let me know.

Here's a link to the full-sized map.

For those interested in embedding the map on their own site, you'll want to go here, click the tab that says "Oregon," pull down the tab that says "Publish," and copy from there. The embedded map will show whatever you're looking at when you hit "Publish" -- in my case I was viewing Portland, for example -- so keep that in mind if you want to highlight a specific area.