"Vehicle Drives Into Apartment Building"

Is avoiding the fact that human beings actually operate vehicles a part of the LA Times style manual now?

Here's one from today:

At least two people hurt when car strikes Winnetka apartment 
At least two people were injured Thursday night in Winnetka after a car plowed into an apartment building, authorities said.
The car struck the building, in the 20000 block of Saticoy Street, about 9:15 p.m., said Erik Scott, a spokesman with the Los Angeles Fire Department. 
The extent of the two people's injuries was not immediately known, nor whether they were in the car or the building. 
The L.A. Department of Building and Safety was at the scene to assess the structural integrity of the building, Scott said.

Cars, man. They're on a rampage! At least we know, per the third paragraph, that there may have been at least one person in the car.