I Have a Book Deal! (Please Join My Mailing List)


Good news, everyone: I officially have a book deal with Island Press!

The book is about housing affordability (of course) and it explores the need to make strong tenant protections, abundant housing supply, and big govt subsidies co-equal priorities for advocacy and policymaking. It spends a fair amount of time on why each of these need to be prioritized, but the bulk of the book is actually spent on the how — concrete recommendations for everything from density bonuses to rent control and right-to-counsel to public housing.

I'm really excited to help bridge the divide between those focused on supply and those focused on tenants, because both perspectives are essential (and compatible!) but they're too often at each other's throats because it's seen as us-or-them. It's not!

If you're interested in picking up the book when its published and haven't signed up for my mailing list yet, please do so here, or below! You won't get spammed with emails; it's intended purely to update people as publication approaches and when its finally released. Thanks!

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