The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is Lying to You

I've already written several articles about why the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative would be disastrous for the future of Los Angeles, but I think my opposition can be boiled down to one fact: The backers of this initiative are liars.

They'd like you to believe that they're fighting for the little guy, preserving affordable housing and sticking it to greedy developers and corrupt politicians. What they really want is to preserve their views and their parking at the expense of anyone unlucky enough to rent a home in our city, and to enshrine into law a 1950s vision of Los Angeles that is no longer sustainable—either environmentally, socially, or economically. By limiting the availability of new housing, they will enrich property owners by further impoverishing renters.

I wanted to convey that point as simply and clearly as possible, and the below image is my first effort at that. Share far and wide, if you would, and make sure that if this initiative goes to the ballot next March, you tell every damn person you know to vote against it.